Lifetime Wish

The St Margaret’s Hospice Lifetime Wish Program selects one Hospice patient per month to grant a special request. The Lifetime Wish Program allows participants to achieve lifelong goals or to live childhood dreams. The program presents St. Margaret’s Hospice an opportunity to care for patients’ needs in a uniquely personal way. Our communities have given us a great number of gifts throughout the year - their smiles, kind words, wisdom, and more. In appreciation for the people we serve, St. Margaret's will be able to return this joy through our Lifetime Wish Program.

For additional information about our program or any Hospice program please call Lara at 504-373-5923 For lifetime wish criteria please email




The St Margaret's team had an opportunity to visit a local nursing home to grant a special Christmas Wish for Mr. Arnold. The care team at the nursing home where he lives nominated him for Christmas Wish consideration and we all had a great time bringing joy to his day.


Bernice Bozan

Bernice Bozant, age 96, admitted to St. Margaret’s Hospice in the summer of 2015. Prior to her illness, she was very involved in Holy Name of Mary Catholic Church. She has won many awards for her numerous years of service in the Catholic community. Though she and her now deceased husband have no children, her life has been full with different opportunities to serve the Lord.

Another one of her hobbies that she is very passionate about is genealogical research. She has a deep love for her family and her family history. So that she may learn new familial stories, Ms. Bozant has taught herself to be proficient with the computer. Unfortunately, she is now bed bound and cannot get to her desktop to continue with her hobby.

St. Margaret’s Hospice learned of this and wanted to do something to add to Ms. Bozant’s quality of life. The hospice team worked diligently to buy her a new laptop and surprised her with it. She was so overjoyed and humbled by the experience that she wanted it blessed by her Parish priest. She now enjoys using her new computer and uses it to spread her faith and do more genealogical research.